Smart Battery Club Members don't buy batteries anymore.  They've discovered the money-saving, planet-saving secret of using ZeroWatt Rechargeable Technology.
Discover a new way of
"doing batteries."

Don't Do it.

If you've used rechargeables in the past, you may be tempted to dismiss this new technology as "more of the same." We know the problems users of rechargeables had in the past. - good for some applications, and not so good for others. . .

We are well aware  (and maybe you are too )
of rechargeable  "systems" that consist of:

  • Cheap chargers that cook the batteries.
  • Inferior, low-power batteries that stop working after a few times.
  • Batteries that go dead when left in the device.
  • Low capacity batteries that die off quickly.

Our new ZeroWatt Technology, coupled with Max-E rechargeables represent the ultimate solution for "Going Green and Saving Green."  Here's How:

  1. Buy a rechargeable batteries one time - instead of buying 1000 throw-aways.
  2.  Use ZeroWatt Chargers that shut off and disconnect from the power source when finished charging -- saving money on your electric bill. Remember, with Max-E batteries, there's is no need to keep the batteries on the charger.

Why the Smart Battery Club?

For over 12 years, our parent company, The Horizon Group has provided superior recharging systems for schools, church, production facilities, government and photographers.  One of our larger clients - Cirque du Soleil - has used our rechargeable batteries for over 10 years. Prior to converting to our rechargeable systems, they were throwing away around 500,000 batteries every year - and spending about $1000 per week on batteries. We know rechargeable technology works -and works well - when you assemble the right components to fit the application. That is why over 25,000 schools, churches, and theater groups also use our professional products.

With the advent of ZeroWatt Technology and Max E batteries, families now have simple way to switch to rechargeables for their household electronics, appliances and gadgets  -- and not be disappointed with the results.

Finally, there is a way for families to break the habit of needlessly throwing away batteries.

The Smart Battery Club now makes it affordable - and profitable - to own a professional-grade rechargeable system that benefits all families.

In fact, if you refer families, friends and neighbors, you can recoup your initial cost and earn additional money!  Free batteries for life.


Two Simple Steps to Begin Saving