Ansmann Powerline 5 ZeroWatt Battery Charger


Sku # 5207463
What is ZeroWatt Technology?

Devices equipped with ZeroWatt technology are automatically disconnected from the main power when switched to standby mode. This not only lowers energy costs, but also prolongs product life.

          Intelligent charger with LC display and ZeroWatt Technology

  • Intelligent charger with LC display and ZeroWatt technology
  • No standby power consumption
  • Automatically disconnects itself from mains power once the batteries are fully charged
  • Charger for 1-4 NiMH / NiCd AAA, AA, C or D cells in addition to 1 9V E block
  • Microprocessor controlled charging and monitoring of the round cell charging status
  • Time controlled trickle charging of the 9V battery
  • Individual supervision of each battery
  • Battery status is displayed by LED and LCD (for round cell charging) per charging slot
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Overcharging protection
  • Trickle charging for min. 1h before charger disconnects itself from mains power
  • Faulty cell detection/Alkaline detection for round cells
  • Wide range input 100-240V AC for world wide use
  • charging currents: AAA 500mA / AA, C, D 1000mA / 9V E block 15mA
  • 3 years warranty -Batteries not included